casafekra® specializes in furnishing commercial & hospitality projects with a focus on designing experiences

casafekra® caters to contract-projects by providing and executing comprehensive furniture-solutions across the Middle East, Asia, & Africa.

to do that, we place in the hands of our clients, the collective wisdom of our FF&E specialists, our creative professionals, and our business strategists. this unique team adopts the vision of a contract project right from the start, interprets its concept, understands the intended customer-experience, and proposes an integrated lucrative furnishing solution.

once approved, our quality control specialists ensure manufacturing is to the highest standards, our operations experts ensure timely procurement and logistics, then deliver meticulous execution and longterm support—all backed by an industry-first '3-pillar guarantee'

our furniture solutions have proven to elevate any concept from good to great, to answer project challenges, and to help our clients achieve their business objectives.

our efficient, meticulous, and accurate service is ensured by a hands-on, strong-attention-to-detail, and highly-motivated team who takes ownership of our clients' projects.

since its outset, casafekra® only attracts fellow specialists, and partner team members who share the same passion for creative thinking, commercial know-how, and execution excellence. this aligns our clients' interests with ours: to strategically maximize client revenue.

casafekra®—the go-to reference for contract furnishing solutions.

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