you’re the designer in charge

June 12, 2012

technology has modified our lifestyles. it made us redefine our needs, perceptions, and likes, by privileging only the indispensable and the poetic.

we are reassessing the true meanings of objects: what is real luxury today? what do you value and why?

brands, tags, and outrageous prices are obsolete. in this fast-fashion world, full of lookalikes and copy-pasted items, true unique pieces are a rarity. giants like ikea or louis vuitton have democratized fashion and design trends, but at the same time are at risk of losing their specificity. all kinds of design pieces are made to thousands and xerox-ed within days in china. you carry the same handbag your neighbor does, sit on the same couch, and use the same mugs and towels.

people are trying to re-resolve the same dilemma by going back to core essentials: real uniqueness today resides in  customization. we want to be able to leave our imprint on the designs we carry, look at, and sit on. we want them to reflect our moods and personalities… exactly like tailor-made pieces people used to order from couture houses or cabinet-makers for their everyday clothes and chairs, but in today’s modern ways.

the spanish manufacturer TemasV has found the perfect solution to this, combining uniqueness and customization to technology, to its own and its customers’ advantage – Oruga® was born.

trendy & innovative, versatile & colorful, custom-designed to your taste, this exciting new seating concept will undoubtedly create love affairs!

imagine the possibility of creating the shape, size, proportions, and selecting fabric, leather, texture & colors, seams, buttons, and finishing’s to create YOUR OWN units!

why settle for an impersonal sofa, or other seating accessories, when you can design one yourself, and create a piece which is unique and exclusive to you.

aesthetics, versatility, customization, comfort, lightness, and respect for nature are the main attributes of an Oruga® piece. ergonomic designs and carefully selected materials allow the Oruga® collection to offer genuine comfort. Oruga® respects nature, as no wood or metal is used in its production – a patented high-density foam creates the structure instead. this is why an Oruga® piece is light as a feather, allowing full mobility without compromising on quality and durability. last but not least, no more hassle in rearranging your cushions, everything was thought of and conceived from the start.

you have hundreds of shapes and dimensions at your disposal to adapt to any space or requirement you may have. choose your favorite from a wide array of fabrics, textures, leathers and colors… combine them to your taste: you control every detail… all the areas and components of your design can be personalized.

we’ve turned the creative-task into a fun exercise; let your imagination run wild and design an Oruga® exclusively for you to create your space to your liking.
casafekra is delighted to introduce this inventive concept this year. our constant quest for innovative ideas that add design-value to your private & public projects will certainly pay off and Oruga® will create a fascinating new trend. make sure your space takes advantage of it.

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