what’s for dinner tonight? new experiences of eating-out

April 18, 2012

we value our time-out activities. we increasingly eat out, for work or fun. we have less time but want to spend it more pleasantly. “eating-out” is becoming more than a fashion; it’s now a solid habit, sometimes a necessity, but will always remain a desire, far beyond the need to eat. “eating out” is not […]


2012, what color are you?

February 17, 2012

casafekra wishes you a great 2012 gleaming with colors and emotions! with the revival of our blog, here’s a sneak peek into a visual colorful explosion that will spoil your design senses and spirits. Pantone® declared ‘tangerine tango’ color of the year. this reddish-orange tone is an ideal symbol of a spirit full of positive […]


meet casafekra at iSaloni

March 30, 2010

for those of you who don’t know what iSaloni is, and how big it can get, this post is for you. and you don’t have to be into design to find out about one of the biggest and most prestigious fairs in the world. iSaloni (salone internazionale del mobile) is the renown international furniture fair that has been […]


the one with the personal secret behind the createseats initiative

December 10, 2009

… and this is how it all started. with an episode of “friends”…

assaad (founder of casafekra) was talking to me about an episode of “friends”. i later found out it’s “the one with the dirty girl.”

the one when it was kathy’s birthday, and chandler was able to find her absolutely favorite gift…


PUNK et SHARK envahissent le Festival de Faqra

September 3, 2009

des quadrupèdes aux courbes envoutantes et à la plastique unique ont envahi le Festival de Faqra 2009, suscitant l’admiration enthousiaste du public et un succès immédiat. Qui sont-ils ?


shadows are dead… long live shadows!

February 17, 2009

In a world where everything is constantly changing, where speed is our new “religion”, how do we perceive the space that surrounds us? How do we navigate in our environment keeping in mind that, genuinely speaking, LIGHT is the ultimate guide? We, children of the television, video games and PCs, evolve in a shadow-less world. […]