SEATHROO rooftop lounge | case study in pictures

August 27, 2015

what if you had a food & beverage space without a ceiling? without walls? what creates the mood and ambience then? you probably guessed right. all that's left is the furniture. in today's case study this is exactly what we'll showcase.   Palma Beach Resort is a breathtaking haven in Behsas at the entrance of […]


a crowded restaurant is good and bad. here’s why.

July 23, 2015

every year, karim goes to watch a huge parade in the center of his city. as soon as he parks his car and walks out into the street, he is surrounded by people everywhere. the mood is loud and celebratory and exciting, but also very overwhelming. after the parade, he starts walking against the flow to find somewhere to eat lunch. the crowd is so dense that it can feel like he’s pushing against a stampede. his heart starts pounding and he feels overwhelming excitement. he can’t decide whether he wants to leave or stay in a place full of so much energy. this story is a dramatic way of expressing how we humans perceive crowded environments…


studies reveal the secret to F&B success… and it’s not what you think

June 30, 2015

we’ve heard it since we were little. make a good impression. be polite. don’t talk with your mouth full. say please and thank you. don’t pick your nose. and on and on and on. as kids, these rules just seemed annoying, but somehow we knew that our parents were trying to tell us something important. […]


the new Casper & Gambini’s: photos, process, & more

June 13, 2015

let’s try something new. we’d like to occasionally start sharing some inspirations from the long list of parters we serve. today we’ll go through a visual journey of one of our projects. through that journey we’ll touch on some aspects of our process. Casper & Gambini’s is revamping their identity and reinforcing their signature customer […]


divide and conquer

April 15, 2015

i remember a friend who will not eat anything on her plate if the food groups are touching each other. the carrots can’t touch the chicken. there has to be a space between the rice and the beans. it drives me crazy. it all combines during digestion anyway. but every time i roll my eyes, […]


the table no one wanted to sit at

March 26, 2015

there once was a lonely table
whose life can serve as a fable
she sat all alone
in her corner zone
and stared at the ceiling cable
but to her unlucky surprise
she found her choice was unwise…


do materials have feeling?

February 24, 2015

imagine yourself transported to the center of Dubai holding a magic wand. your eyes are closed, and you can hear the heartbeat of the city center pulsing around you in the whizzing of the metro, rapid footsteps of pedestrians, and excited conversations in all different languages. the atmosphere is charged with ambition and possibility. the sole power of your wand is its magic ability…


do TVs add to the dining experience?

January 22, 2015

by marie murray when i was younger, i remember learning a piece of dining etiquette from my uncle. he told me that if a guy wants to take a girl on a date, he should always allow the girl to take the seat at the table with the greater view of the room. if the […]


can you list the primary food concepts in the F&B industry?

November 21, 2014

by william choukeir in ‘the first encounter‘ we asked a question. but before we get into that, let’s take a step back and explore the importance of food concepts in delighting—but not surprising—guests. the other day, my family and I were walking down a street filled with restaurants. we were in the mood for Lebanese […]


is your F&B business attracting the wrong age group?

October 31, 2014

by william choukeir it’s saturday evening. the air is nice. three of us are walking towards the entrance of a mall. i catch myself wondering. why is virtually everyone shorter than me? and i’m technically short. my eyes start curiously looking for patterns. which only lasts for 1/10th of a second. we’re surrounded by teenagers. […]