designers & pinocchio

May 16, 2012

they are everywhere, on billboards, magazines, plastic cutlery, and even pantyhose packaging. they sign on everything, from bottles to bicycles. their hits are eagerly awaited, admired, criticized, analyzed, and collected by eager fans.we’re not talking about rock stars; or perhaps we are: design rock stars!!! they come with the whole package, fan-clubs & fab life. […]


un vent nouveau

October 9, 2009

elle est designer produit et architecte d’intérieur…
il était business manager chez nestlé…
assaad bou-jawdeh et janine akl rangent tout et rentrent au pays… casafekra est née.


shadows are dead… long live shadows!

February 17, 2009

In a world where everything is constantly changing, where speed is our new “religion”, how do we perceive the space that surrounds us? How do we navigate in our environment keeping in mind that, genuinely speaking, LIGHT is the ultimate guide? We, children of the television, video games and PCs, evolve in a shadow-less world. […]