2012, what color are you?

February 17, 2012

casafekra wishes you a great 2012 gleaming with colors and emotions!

with the revival of our blog, here’s a sneak peek into a visual colorful explosion that will spoil your design senses and spirits.

Pantone® declared ‘tangerine tango’ color of the year. this reddish-orange tone is an ideal symbol of a spirit full of positive vibes this year. all the same, a surge of sensations lies ahead; from fashion to products, and home interiors, there will mainly be 3 color-themes:

heaven and earth

in a chaotic and restless world, in full political and cultural upheaval, it is a search for balance, peace and values that emerge through the murk; we go back to basics, looking for simpler products and concepts, full of meanings, imagination and emotions. we find pleasure in objects that have intrinsic significance and history, especially the hand crafted ones – just like a knitted scarf, or a good warm loaf of bread. we witness a return to soft and natural materials like wood, pottery, knits, natural fibers, zen colors, etc.

neutral and subtle shades will serve as a base for these trends: the emergence of this “passive color” will soothe our constantly boiling spirit and bring peace to our excessively dynamic lives. our homes (our protective cocoons) will demand us to express and pamper ourselves.

we shall see palettes of blue and grey prevailing; from Caribbean and denim hues, to cobalt and turquoise tones, and various greys from anthracite to pale pearl grey… plum, mauve, purple and “aubergine” touches will also highlight theses arrays of colors in our homes and wardrobes.

delicate audacity

ethereal and pure white makes a remarkable comeback. it allows the integration of tonic colors touches – on walls,furniture and accessories – thus shaping the areas by determining  sectors and creating zones

it will be enriched by various metallic tints and reflections that will add a “precious” touch, somehow flirting with religious symbolism: bronze, old gold, ambertones, hammered silver, pearl, jewel tones, etc…

express yourselves, surprise yourselves! dare unexpected mixtures and fusions, create unusual combinations of colors, shapes, textures, materials, elements, periods, heights, and lighting… the aim of the game is to sublimate the ordinary, to emphasize an eclectic elegance through a set of surprising contrasts.


industrial sensitivity

this palette adopts a revisited notion of “less is more”: the creation process of an object of quality is as important as the final outcome, and the pride you gain of it. From this economical and ecological perspective, we re-discover in the most insignificant objects and materials surrounding us infinite possibilities, ready to be recycled and reinvented.

rusty colors, concrete greys, machine green, industrial blues, soil textures and camouflage patterns, clay, ash, with wood and denim tones, all contribute to create a seductive masculine esthetic, a reflection of an industrial heritage, typically modern and urban.


do not hesitate to contact us for a second opinion on this matter.

whatever your mood is, casafekra wishes you a year similar to these trends – full of energy and humorous zen.


images courtesy of: pantone.com, benjaminmoore.com, lamaisondannag.blogspot.com, sico.ca

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