shadows are dead… long live shadows!

February 17, 2009


In a world where everything is constantly changing, where speed is our new “religion”, how do we perceive the space that surrounds us? How do we navigate in our environment keeping in mind that, genuinely speaking, LIGHT is the ultimate guide?

We, children of the television, video games and PCs, evolve in a shadow-less world. Our eyes are slaves to self-illuminated surfaces that take away from our surroundings any notion of directional light (like the sun), thus sending shadows to retirement.

“Shadows help us comprehend space, recognize dimension and orient ourselves. Shadows give us information in the same way as light does.”

We have managed to kill The Shadow.

There is not light without shadows, no shadows without light: Shadow can represent the vocabulary of minimalist light art. Shadow is not merely darkness, but darkness with form, infiltrated into light.

How do we re-introduce the notion of shadow in our vocabulary? How can we re-design LIGHT in a way to restore shadow’s substance; not as much as the realization of a new quality of shadow, but a reminder of its significance? …

by Cherine Saroufim

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  1. I am already a casafekra facebook group member and an enthusiast. Thank you for having created a blog… I love your first post… deep. Good luck!

  2. MABROUK for the blog!
    Great choice for a first text and pic!
    Keep up the good work and good luck!
    Proud mini-shadow of casafekra!

  3. Bravo pour ce site!
    For sure it will be a favourite design link for us.

    Sylvain M.
    designer d’environement restreints en mouvement

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