the one with the personal secret behind the createseats initiative

December 10, 2009

… and this is how it all started. with an episode of “friends”…


assaad (founder of casafekra) was talking to me about an episode of “friends”. i later found out it’s “the one with the dirty girl.”

the one when it was kathy’s birthday, and chandler was able to find her absolutely favorite gift. an early edition of her favorite book as a kid. a very rare find.

the only problem was that kathy was joey’s girlfriend, and there was no way joey could get her a better gift, no matter what! and being a great best-friend, chandler couldn’t allow that to happen.

in his lame effort, joey got her a pen that’s also a clock (the worst gift). and so chandler decided to let joey give her the book, and take all the credit.

kathy later finds out that chandler was behind this. she lets him know that she knows, and gives him the most appreciative, and most sincere look in the world. and all it took was a really special personal gift.

assaad finished by saying:

“i wish i could give that feeling to people. i wish people would get personal gifts that touched on the deepest desires. instead most people get generic passe-par-tout gifts just because it’s required or expected of them. that’s not what gifts are about. gifts should not be limited to special occasions. it’s fine to get gifts on a special occasion if you absolutely love to. but don’t do it because it’s expected of you. and if you feel you want to show someone your appreciation, love, gratitude, whatever… you don’t have to wait for an opportunity. go ahead, create that opportunity. everyday could be a great day to express your deepest emotions to those you care about the most.
that’s a feeling people should experience more often…”

and that’s when the createseats initiative was born.

casafekra has world-class italian design chairs with distinct styles, 6 interchangeable parts, and 22 colors. all of these parts work like “key & lock”. and so every person could get his favorite combination of style, color, texture, and material. every color could have a story, every style could represent a memory, and every possibility could trigger an emotion.

these endless possibilities could create very specific gifts that are as unique as the person getting them.

assaad knew that casafekra could play a part, no matter how small, in making that special feeling a reality for a lot of people. and this is how it comes to be that casafekra brings you createseats.

find out what all the fuss is about by visiting, or discover the making of the visual that became the heart of this initiative by visiting blog .:there for design…

_  written by william choukeir. from team .:there for design…

below: william creating the ostrich. later named: lamiss (more on blog .:there for design…)


below: hanane & william in the heart of creation. supported by orange-orange PUNK & white-orange PUNK, with red-orange PUNK watching from the sidelines.


below: the infamous gift. that same lame one, by that same ashamed ostrich! yup lamiss! (more on blog .:there for design…)


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  2. […] in short the idea behind createseats is this: instead of buying those generic passe-par-tout gifts, casafekra aims to help create “thought-of” personal gifts that leave people feeling appreciated. read more on the blog post of casafekra: “the one with the personal secret…” […]

  3. Woooooooow this is amazing very detailed work!
    I love it and the name Lamis is a great choice ;o)


  5. I loved it and showed it to all my friends, and everyone got jealous. You guys are brilliant!

  6. hey u guys 😀
    i always like what u do :)
    keep on going!!!


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