DINING+DESIGN series (part 2) — are F&B concept developers missing out on the full potential of their dining experience?

August 7, 2014

these 5 discussions with your designer can unlock that potential

part 1  —  the first encounter »

part 2  —  the journey

designing how your guests flow through the space is as important to the dining experience as considering how your staff move about. the flow starts as soon as your guests approach your space.

the experience your guests have while moving from entering the space, then to being greeted, and finally to being taken to their table contribute to their 1st impression.

as we’ve pointed out in the 1st part of these series, all further experiences will be interpreted through the glasses of that 1st impression. consider what the journey of your guests feels like. can you introduce an element of comfort, surprise, and delight as guest move from entrance to table?

it’s worth agreeing with your designer on what this experience is, and letting that decision shape the layout and furniture choices.

for instance, part of instilling an element of comfort is sitting guests at the front. this creates a ‘busy’ vibe, and helps confirm to incoming guests that they’ve made the right choice by belonging to a larger group that made that same choice. this impression can be further enhanced by placing high ‘poser’ tables towards the front.


questions to guide your briefing discussion with your designer

• how does the experience of taking the guests from entrance, to greeting, to their table contribute to supporting the ideal first impression for my concept?
• can the route include glimpses of more interest and excitement further into the space?
• how does the journey comfort, surprise, and delight?
• how to does that reflect on the layout and furniture selection?

part 3  —  the dynamics »

part 4  —  the essentials of furniture specifications »

part 5  —  the great outdoors »


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  1. […] part 2  —  the journey » […]

  2. […] part 2  —  the journey » […]

  3. […] part 2  —  the journey » […]

  4. […] part 2  —  the journey » […]

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