DINING+DESIGN series (part 5) — are F&B concept developers missing out on the full potential of their dining experience?

August 28, 2014

these 5 discussions with your designer can unlock that potential

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part 5  —  the great outdoors

are you leveraging skyline views, waterfront vistas, sunsets, people watching, and more? outdoor dining can offer a sense of time, place, and wonder that even the most intriguing indoor spaces cannot.

a study of more than 3200 adults, aimed to understand customer perceptions regarding outdoor dining, convincingly shows that restaurants are leaving money on the table, by not leveraging their outdoor space’s full potential of propelling traffic and revenue.

the study shows that restaurants with outdoors spaces that include a bar, generally generate higher revenue than those without bars. however, there are practical considerations. 74% of those surveys felt that the service was slower outdoors. a fact that is understandable seeing that the tables outside are further away from the kitchen than those indoors.

consider minimizing this drawback by adding an outdoor bar, thus reducing the time for drinks to reach the tables. also consider an intermediary area that collects outgoing and incoming dishes, with dedicated outdoor staff that services only from and to this intermediary area.

in most cases, leveraging an outdoor space may be obvious. if that’s the case, as a restaurant owner, you may want to discuss with your designer how you intend on tackling the potential of a slower service, as well as the possibility of a bar—as an outdoor focal point.

in many cases, outdoor spaces are not an obvious choice. forward looking restaurants are benefiting from creating the first impression of a ‘sidewalk cafe’ by just adding a couple of tables outside the entrance. unsurprisingly, this small tweak has been shown through the study to disproportionally increase traffic and revenue..


questions to guide your briefing discussion
with your designer

• how are we leveraging the outdoor space’s full potential of propelling traffic and revenue?
• are there less-obvious outdoor spaces that we can leverage?
• can we put an outdoor bar?
• how are we dealing with potentially slower service due to longer distances from the kitchen?
• how’s this outdoor space contributing to the intended first impression?

in conclusion to this series, the dining experience is the journey from 1st impression to last impression. and while the food and service play a vital role, the design itself sandwiches the dining experience. countless chefs and wait staff have served diners at frank lloyd wright’s meyer may house, yet the dining experience there remains a timeless topic of conversation. people talk about restaurants that make people look and feel good. through the discussions from these 5 briefs, you and your designer can maximise on the potential of making your guests look and feel their best.


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  1. […] part 5  —  the great outdoors » […]

  2. […] part 5  —  the great outdoors » […]

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