SEATHROO rooftop lounge | case study in pictures

August 27, 2015

by william choukeir


what if you had a food & beverage space without a ceiling? without walls? what creates the mood and ambience then? you probably guessed right. all that's left is the furniture. in today's case study this is exactly what we'll showcase.

Palma Beach Resort is a breathtaking haven in Behsas at the entrance of Tripoli. over the past short years, Palma has been adding F&B outlets to its arsenal. all of which have been furnished by casafekra®. no matter your taste, you'll likely find something for you there.

there's seafood at Le Poissonier. international cuisine at FoodStyle, which recently replaced Café Del Mar. There's Lebanese cuisine at Al Fishawi. and last but not least, there's the focus of today's case study, SEATHROO, a rooftop lounge that easily accommodates 300 guests, and has quickly taken over the heart of thousands.

the space casafekra® received was void of anything except a raised platform. read on to see the total transformation.
talented designer Sahar Minkara worked closely with us on plans, furniture layout, furniture selection, repartition, and finishings.

Sahar's most striking creation is the access to the rooftop. here's how she describes it in her own words:

“the entrance of this rooftop was especially designed as closed and dark as possible to contrast with the open space upstairs. Corten, lit furniture, and a tropical mood were blended perfectly with custom designed lights to take you to a different world by just climbing a few steps up.”

going up a dark, rustic, and closed staircase creates a grand impression as soon you reach the top where you're only surrounded with sky and sea. you notice a slightly raised platform separated from the rest of the open space by what appears to be lit bamboo stalks; custom designed by Design in Beirut (DIB). and yet, this platform in itself seems to hover above ground. lit indirectly from below, during the cover of night, you can't seem to find any connection between this raised platform and the floor.

you quickly notice that the secret to turning this open space into a brilliant atmosphere is indeed the ambient lighting. and most of the furniture selected play their role in lighting the space, because they're internally lit. the majestic bar for example is in itself internally lit. this casts a warm glow on the skin of anyone conversing around it. if you ask any photographer, she'll tell you that indirect ambient light can make anyone look prettier.

with the Palm trees watching over the guests, you can't help but feel teleported to the tropics. your eyes catch the trunk of a tree and follows it to its base. a smile forms on your face. the trees are planted in planters that act as benches for guests. each planter seats five guests and is internally lit. Anyone sitting on these is completely hugged by light. no wonder these benches called Sardana won Best of The Year Award (download 3D model at end of email).

glass balustrades expand the space and connect you to the sea around you. the rest of the furniture was carefully hand-picked to reinforce this tropical haven.

yet every project has its challenges. with all locations that are near-sea, sea water and sea salt are a serious risk to furniture and finishings.

technical specifications had to be rigorous. the materials were specifically selected to be resistant to all weather conditions, and specifically to sea salt. everything is weather and rust proof. all materials and finishings are of the highest quality, requiring minimum maintenance. this challenge requires expertise and confident know-how of supplier specifications because often, even a change in color changes the salt-resistance of a material.

in an open rooftop, yes, furniture creates the whole ambiance. but internally lit furniture creates mood, separates spaces, casts a glow on guests, and creates a dance of light and shadows as guests move about the space.

we hope that after today's journey, you've gotten a small taste of this grand experience.

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