perfectionism is the enemy of the creative

June 26, 2014

“do you mind even a little that you are still addicted to people-pleasing, and are still putting everyone else’s needs and […] career ahead of your creative […] life? giving all your life force away, to ‘help’ and impress.” —anne lamott
what does people-pleasing have to do with perfectionism? let get into that right after we establish a common understanding of perfectionism.


are creatives scaring clients away by trying to come off as experts?

April 8, 2014

while planning for the initial meeting with a new client, creatives often make a common mistake. one that pushes clients to commission someone else. the alternative is extremely powerful yet so deceptively simple that it comes across as too simplistic; but it takes patience and humility. read this, try it just once, and i guarantee you’ll see results. the only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t read this sooner.


why you should fall in love with your clients?

April 8, 2014

this is the story of jay, a hotel lounge, a man, and a lesson that made him billions. one change in mindset can give you an advantage no competitor can compete with. continue reading to find how to keep a client for life and see how love can drive business.


why ants can never be creative: teamwork can kill creativity

March 11, 2014

you’ve watched ants at work. you’ve seen them collaborating as a unified entity. a feat of teamwork that’s remarkable. ants are social insects. because of this social aspect, ants and productivity could be synonyms. us humans are social too. we have an intrinsic need to belong. however, another need could be even more powerful in certain situations: the need to individuate—to be unique. with a strategic mindset-switch between belonging and individuality, we can hack our intrinsic needs to our benefits…


you’re the designer in charge

June 12, 2012

technology has modified our lifestyles. it made us redefine our needs, perceptions, and likes, by privileging only the indispensable and the poetic. we are reassessing the true meanings of objects: what is real luxury today? what do you value and why? brands, tags, and outrageous prices are obsolete. in this fast-fashion world, full of lookalikes […]