designers & pinocchio

May 16, 2012

they are everywhere, on billboards, magazines, plastic cutlery, and even pantyhose packaging. they sign on everything, from bottles to bicycles. their hits are eagerly awaited, admired, criticized, analyzed, and collected by eager fans.we’re not talking about rock stars; or perhaps we are: design rock stars!!! they come with the whole package, fan-clubs & fab life. […]


meet casafekra at iSaloni

March 30, 2010

for those of you who don’t know what iSaloni is, and how big it can get, this post is for you. and you don’t have to be into design to find out about one of the biggest and most prestigious fairs in the world. iSaloni (salone internazionale del mobile) is the renown international furniture fair that has been […]


un vent nouveau

October 9, 2009

elle est designer produit et architecte d’intérieur…
il était business manager chez nestlé…
assaad bou-jawdeh et janine akl rangent tout et rentrent au pays… casafekra est née.


PUNK et SHARK envahissent le Festival de Faqra

September 3, 2009

des quadrupèdes aux courbes envoutantes et à la plastique unique ont envahi le Festival de Faqra 2009, suscitant l’admiration enthousiaste du public et un succès immédiat. Qui sont-ils ?