a crowded restaurant is good and bad. here’s why.

July 23, 2015

every year, karim goes to watch a huge parade in the center of his city. as soon as he parks his car and walks out into the street, he is surrounded by people everywhere. the mood is loud and celebratory and exciting, but also very overwhelming. after the parade, he starts walking against the flow to find somewhere to eat lunch. the crowd is so dense that it can feel like he’s pushing against a stampede. his heart starts pounding and he feels overwhelming excitement. he can’t decide whether he wants to leave or stay in a place full of so much energy. this story is a dramatic way of expressing how we humans perceive crowded environments…


is your F&B business attracting the wrong age group?

October 31, 2014

by william choukeir it’s saturday evening. the air is nice. three of us are walking towards the entrance of a mall. i catch myself wondering. why is virtually everyone shorter than me? and i’m technically short. my eyes start curiously looking for patterns. which only lasts for 1/10th of a second. we’re surrounded by teenagers. […]


a day in the life of naim: how casafekra designs for social interaction in public spaces

December 19, 2013

naim wakes up to the soft touch of his wife. she whispers in his ear: ‘i love you.’
that’s the 1st of four levels of social interaction. physical and emotional interactions take place in this 1st level: our intimate space. read on to learn about the other 3 levels.