why nothing on this blog works; unless you have this one habit

May 14, 2014

…and not just on this blog. I’m also referring to all advice, self-help blogs, books, and anything remotely related to personal and professional development. Let me explain through a story. Jake is the co-founder of Vimeo. After selling Vimeo, he found himself unproductive and unhappy. Continue reading…


does emotional intelligence make you a better designer?

November 14, 2013

customers buy on emotion and then justify with logic. emotional intelligence does make us better designers. a substantial body of research supports this. better designers understand the relationship between their designs and the resulting emotional experience. that’s because the emotional connection to a design is what engages us in the first place. then we attempt to rationalize those emotions. the iPod was not the 1st mp3 player, but it was the 1st to be delightful. so what is emotional intelligence really?


the one with the personal secret behind the createseats initiative

December 10, 2009

… and this is how it all started. with an episode of “friends”…

assaad (founder of casafekra) was talking to me about an episode of “friends”. i later found out it’s “the one with the dirty girl.”

the one when it was kathy’s birthday, and chandler was able to find her absolutely favorite gift…