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create your own custom designed chairs or armchairs. plug any two elements together to get the perfect combination for your home and outdoors.
with at least 6 colors for 'each' element,
your imagination is now the limit...
that's at least 250 unique personalities.
which color are you?

why leave these chairs indoors during this summer season? they just love the sun and really enjoy the evening mist in your garden, terrace, chalet, and any outdoor space you can think of.
sun-proof, water-proof, and built using space-age materials for intense rigorous use.
perfectly stackable: at the end of summer, brighten and spice-up your indoors with these, or just stack them and see how little space they take up.
it's also a crime to wait anywhere between 1 to 3 months to receive your design furniture.

that's why, with casafekra, when you visit our showroom, you can take your archirivolto chairs with you, if you can fit them in your car. if not, we promise you'll get them the next business day.
multi-award winner

archirivolto design - italian design and production at its finest.
winner of prestigious design awards. here's a few:
two consecutive 'Top Chair of the Year Awards' for 2007 and 2008.
two 'Interior Innovation Awards Cologne' for 2010 (best item and best system).
instant delivery.
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seeing these chairs on screen is unfair, our visitors tell us.
they're always happily surprised seeing them in person

our helpful team is ready to 'plug and play' your colors and chair elements on the spot until you're happy with your perfect match

our expert designer is ready upon prior request, to assist you in spotting that custom combination for your home or outdoors
three great reasons to visit us (not counting our unbelievable prices) :
these purely-italian design chairs start at an unbelievable price.
click on your favorite collection to learn all about its amazing colors and features,
and visit our showroom to 'plug and play' :
which collection are you?
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color your life,
you choose.
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